DACRO™ protective coatingis a system consisting of three layers:

• zinc;
• chemical anti-corrosion, conversion coating;
• ceramic agglomerate.

All the layer are firmly interconnected by cross-links created by the second, conversion layer. This unique agglomerate solution prevents peeling of the outer ceramic layer. The entire system gives exceptional anti-corrosion properties.

The results of a salt spray test - 1005 hours
Salt chamber test results

Time to rust appearance on 5% of the fastener surface in case of carbon steel protected with various anti-corrosion coatings.

a – ceramic agglomerate (ca. 10 µm),
b – chemical conversion coating,
c – zinc coating (b+c ca. 5µm),
d – steel.
All the results and recommendations are based on laboratory tests. The external conditions at the construction site should be taken into particular consideration when selecting the fastener. As the fastener/anchor working conditions may vary, SWAL assumes no liability for the use of the information published in its catalogue and on its website. SWAL assumes not liability for incorrect fastener installation resulting from a misprint of parameters or recommendations.