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  • ALF


    Fastening side lap & trim in fibreglass or vinyl panels

    Recommendation:Fastener for fixing trapezoid and corrugated polycarbonate panels, vinyl, PCV, etc.

    Material: ALF screw: carbon steel protected with 12 micron zinc; EPDM sleeve, Washer: C16 or A19 made of EPDM

  • KAP


    Cover caps provide the best protection for the screw head

    Plastic caps for 8 and 10 mm hexagonal heads

    Application: masking screw heads, additional protection against corrosion

    Material: polyethylene

    Color according to RAL

  • VAN sleeve


    Provides perfect fixation thanks to the use of two components.


    Depending on the type of surface, the gray element made of high-quality nylon automatically adapts to the optimal holding method (expanding, folding, rolling), ensuring the best fastening.


    Red expansion wings support expansion and additionally protect the gray element. The stud screws in easily and tightens precisely at the end, eliminating the risk of over-tightening. The specially formed edge of the pin prevents it from falling into the hole.


    Application: installation of sandwich panels on silicate bricks, foamed concrete, perforated bricks

    Material: poliamid    



                     Light concrete                        Sandwich panel

                      The pin expands in four directions