WELRO i WELRO-XL are modern anchors designed for installation of sandwich and sheet metal panels in aggressive environments, cold stores and freezer rooms, where fire resistance of the mounting is required. The use of a steel washer with a steel screw results in the achievement of fire safety.

Thanks to the design and special clamp, the head of the fastener is insulated from the external environment and the collection of frost and water condensation on its surface is prevented. Supplied as a standard EPDM washer seals the connection with the sheet metal panels.

Thanks to the exceptional combination of its physicomechanical and thermal parameters, polyamid offers unique performance. It features low water absorption, higher stiffness and resistance to thermal conditions, abrasion and hydrolysis than other plastics as well as good long-term ageing parameters at increased temperatures and strength at low temperatures. It has a very broad range of continuous working temperature without the change of its technical parameters: from -40 °C to +85°C.

WELRO is resistant to UV radiation. We manufacture it in RAL colours.

It is designed to collaborate with SWAL self-drilling, self-tapping screws for steel, concrete and wooden structures.

The screw length and type should be selected to the substrate type and sandwich panel thickness.

Dobór długości i typu wkręta należy dokonać wg typu podłoża oraz grubości płyty warstwowej.

Screw head failure force 2,50 kN
Fire resistance YES
UV resistance YES
Min. continuous working temperature -40°C
Max. continuous working temperature +85°C
Min. short-term temperature -85°C
Max. short-term temperature +160°C
  • pig houses
  • poultry houses
  • hall in coastal zone
  • cold stores and freezer rooms


infotech-foto3.png Installation of WELRO in a sandwich panel
infotech-foto3.png We manufacture WELRO in RAL colours