SWAL designs and produces modern joints for construction industry. In production, we use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. The world-class innovativeness of our products is confirmed by our patents.

Every year, we offer to our Clients the new or improved products so as to reduce the assembly time up to twenty times as compared to the earlier solutions.

Short lead times are due to SWAL’s people, including engineers, production personnel and sales teams.



Certificates and technical approvals confirm the excellent quality of our components.



SWAL is the name of millions of screws used at many construction sites from Iceland to Urals. We focus on meeting our Client’s needs.



Each product batch is subject to factory lab testing. At the Client’s request, we also provide onsite testing.



The delivery time does not exceed 24 h. In most cases, the goods can be delivered onsite at 9.00 AM or 11.00 AM.