fastener type max. rotation speed
Φ 3,6 mm do 4,8 mm 2500 obr. / min
Φ 5,5 mm do 7,7 mm 1800 obr. / min
stal węglowa i 410 SS 1000 obr. / min
300 stal nierdzewna 800 obr. / min
Independent test results available upon request. Lumber for these tests is typical of the woods used in post frame construction. All lumber is constructiongrade with the exception of “economy fir” which is unrated. This lumber was not kiln dried. Tighter grain structure would provide a substantial increase in pullout values. Values with 1” penetration can vary from 240 lbs. to 1150 lbs., depending on wood density. We believe these are typical values found in field applications. These values are ultimate with no safety factors. Recommended minimum penetration is 1”, except for plywood.